Make and receive calls with the Supersmoker Bluetooth.


Listen to your favourite playlist with your Supersmoker Bluetooth.


Connect with your phone via Bluetooth.


World first!

Never seen before! An electronic cigarette with Bluetooth functionality. When you're connected to a phone, you can make and receive calls on the e-cigarette while you are smoking! Or listen to your favourite tracks from your phone via the e-cigarette with built-in speaker!


Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, take your Supersmoker and follow the instructions below.

Under the battery, there are three buttons. The middle one should be depressed until the battery makes a noise and vibrates – the Bluetooth function is now turned on. Your phone display will show that it is searching for the Supersmoker. The Supersmoker can be recognised by code SB08 in the Bluetooth environment. Once it has been located, connect to the telephone (this is usually done by just clicking on SB08). Keep the button depressed until the connection process is complete.

When someone calls you, you can press the middle button and answer the call and talk via the built-in microphone at the back of the battery. You do not need to place the microphone in front of your mouth; you can talk to the caller even if the Supersmoker is hanging on the key-cord (supplied). Once your call is over, you simply press on the middle button to end the call. ORDER NOW

Built-in Speaker and Microphone!

The Supersmoker Bluetooth has a built-in Speaker and Microphone

When making a call, keep the speaker near your ear and microphone near your mouth. You can now make and receive calls with this electronic cigarette! If you wish to use the Supersmoker to listen to music, place the device in a suitable location (sucker supplied for stability) or hang it around your neck (key-cord supplied) and play your music. You can also adjust the volume. You can now enjoy your music alone or with friends!

How does it work
Go to the playlist on your phone and choose the track you want to listen to. Press play and the sound will be played via the built-in microphone on the back of the battery. You can regulate the volume using the buttons [+] and [-]. If you receive a call when you are listening to music, it will automatically stop so that you can take the call. Once you have finished your call, the music will continue.


Our specially developed Clearomizer

The Clearomizer is the beating heart of our e-cigarette and contains the liquid

The Bluetooth function is astonishing, but the main purpose of the device is, of course, to smoke. You are probably already familiar with the Supersmoker EGO and the Supersmoker Bluetooth works with the same system. It uses liquids that are ordered from us.

How does it work?
The Supersmoker Bluetooth clearomizer is filled with liquid in the following manner.

Twist the entire clearomizer off the battery (make sure you do not just twist the glass off) and then turn the base (the silver component) that turns on the battery until it comes off. You have now turned the 'coil' out of the clearomizer. You now need to turn the clearomizer so that the mouthpiece is facing downwards and begin to fill the device (but not in the hole that is now in the middle). Fill the clearomizer along the edge so that no liquid can escape via the mouthpiece once you have filled the clearomizer (max 80%).

Twist the coil back on while holding the mouthpiece downwards so that it doesn't leak.

If you have done everything up securely, you can hold the clearomizer upright again (with the mouthpiece upwards). You can then replace the base of the clearomizer (silver piece) back onto the battery. NB: When using a new clearomizer for the first time, always wait 10 minutes after you have refilled with liquid. This allows the liquid to slowly pass into the chamber. If you do not do so, you will experience a 'burnt' flavour.

Press 5 times on the large button above the battery. The device is now on. Depress the button while inhaling and then let it go when you exhale. When you stop smoking, press the button 5 times again so that the battery lasts as long as possible.

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Works with all Bluetooth devices

Once you have connected to your Supersmoker Bluetooth, you can get to work!
Play your favourite music, from your own telephone playlist or via Spotify or Youtube. Every application that allows you to play music or sound can be used with the Supersmoker Bluetooth! The Supersmoker Bluetooth is also compatible with all Bluetooth devices and software. It can be used with an Android (Samsung) or IOS (Apple) or even a tablet – it works everywhere! As long as you have Bluetooth functionality.